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Shareholder issues can lead to complex civil litigation

Because of the many different people and pieces involved in running businesses, it is common for disputes to come about. Owners, partners, shareholders, employees and numerous other individuals associated with a company could have reason to voice concerns over certain aspects of a company or its actions. However, in some cases, those concerns could lead to complex civil litigation if resolutions to conflicts are not easily found.

Residents begin complex civil litigation against PG&E

Wildfires are not new to California. However, recent fires cost more lives and property than any in history, leaving dozens dead and hundreds of thousands of acres scorched. While investigators are still working to narrow down the cause of the blaze, some residents have already begun a complex civil litigation holding PG&E Corp. liable for the destruction.

Reality TV boxer risks complex civil litigation for quitting

Whether one is planning a wedding on a California beach or a multi-nation tour, the person in charge of the event must foresee any contingencies and meet the expectations and demands of all involved. However, an event promoter also relies on other parties to fulfill their sides of the agreements. When that does not happen, it may take complex civil litigation to resolve the matter fairly.

Mattress Firm faces complex civil litigation

In California and beyond, getting a good night's sleep is important. However, some former executives of Mattress Firm may not be sleeping very well lately. The company has filed a lawsuit against two men now under investigation for numerous claims of misconduct that left Mattress Firm floundering to remain solvent. The complex civil litigation involves lawsuits and countersuits as the parties point fingers at each other.

Civil litigation is an option for breach of partnership contract

In California and across the country, business partnerships are often compared to marriages. They include many similar characteristics in the way partners run the business together, and they may end in civil litigation if the partners are no longer able to get along. Just as one marital partner's actions can cause broken trust between spouses, so too can the actions of a business partner breach the verbal or written agreement the partners share.

Complex civil litigation when performers back out of contracts

Concert and event promoters carry a significant amount of responsibility. In addition to lining up acts for their events, the promoters must advertise the events and ensure everything is in place on the date of the show. When things go wrong, it is often the promoter who bears the brunt of the blame. This is why California event promoters may end up in complex civil litigation since so many people depend on the smooth running of an event.

Busta Rhymes faces complex civil litigation

California concert and festival promoters have many details to attend to, especially if they have a popular act headlining the event. In addition to ensuring logistics run smoothly and that the talent is satisfied, promoters place their reputations and their jobs on the line. When everything goes well, everyone makes a profit. However, one thing concert promoters may not expect is for the host and star of the event to cancel at the last minute, often resulting in complex civil litigation.

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