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Embezzlement charges for men accused of taking product from work

White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, can take many forms. When a person is facing allegations of this specific criminal charge, it can potentially result in serious penalties and time behind bars. Often, embezzlement involves the improper handling of money, but it can sometimes involve the theft of company property as well. Two men in California are facing criminal charges that claim they embezzled cheese products from their employer.

Chamber of Commerce ex-president suspected of embezzlement

Crimes involving money are taken very seriously. Often, such activities fall into the category of white collar crimes and can lead to steep consequences for the accused parties if they are convicted. In particular, individuals accused of embezzlement need to focus on how to fight back against the allegations.

Embezzlement, other charges brought against Stan Lee's ex-manager

No one wants to find him or herself accused of a serious crime. Some actions could be viewed by others as manipulative or even illegal, and as a result, a person could face charges for embezzlement and other serious allegations. In such a predicament, it is wise to understand how to potentially defend against the criminal charges.

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