Securities fraud remains a problem

People who invest money hope to see a decent return, as many rely on their portfolios for wealth-building or retirement planning. California investors could find themselves in a challenging position after suffering financial losses because of securities fraud. Those...

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What to know about kickbacks

A kickback is any compensation for preferred treatment from a person, company or political organization. If you are convicted of providing kickbacks, you may spend time in a California jail or prison, pay a fine or be required to pay fair market value for goods or...

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What is white-collar crime?

You may have been listening to a California talk show and heard the term "white-collar crime" but are unsure what it means. White-collar crime can be defined as a nonviolent crime that usually attempts to defraud someone or a business of an asset. There are many types...

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Embezzlement charge in California

Embezzlement is a form of theft that usually carries significant penalties in the California courts. What makes it different is that it involves a breach of trust or betrayal from a position of power. Understanding embezzlement According to California Penal Code...

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