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PTO treasurer charged with white collar crimes

Among the many expectations California parents may have is that the start of each school year brings a new round of fundraisers. Raising money for schools is essential since the cost of education continues to rise. Parent/Teacher Organizations may raise thousands of dollars for their schools, and occasionally, those entrusted with the accounting of the money face charges of white collar crimes.

White collar crimes: 1 accused of embezzling nearly $600,000

When company officials receive reports of missing funds, they may deploy a variety of tactics in identifying the cause of financial concerns. If employees have access to company funds, an investigation could leave officials pointing a finger of blame toward one or more parties. A man in California is reportedly under investigation for white collar crimes after he was accused of embezzling as much as $600,000 from a swim club.

Entrepreneur faces accusations of white collar crimes

When someone is accused of a felony offense, especially one involving finances, it is possible the criminal counts will quickly begin to accumulate as investigators dig into the person's history. For example, charges of embezzlement can often go hand in hand with other white collar crimes, and the potential penalties can begin to mount. One California businessman is facing numerous charges related to several businesses in which he was an executive.

CEO charged with money laundering, other white collar crimes

Business dealings can often get very complicated, and sometimes it is necessary to shift funds around in legal but unorthodox ways, especially if the company is relatively new. Zealous criminal investigators, alerted by suspicious insiders, may see transfers of money from one account to another as suspicious. This may lead to accusations of white collar crimes. Because such accusations and the events that often follow can cause great personal and professional damage to those involved, those who face charges of money laundering would do well to seek legal counsel.

Man accused of white collar crimes, insurance fraud

When seeking treatment for health issues, many patients rely on health insurance to cover at least part of the cost. The cost for ongoing treatment for certain conditions, including drug and alcohol addiction, can quickly become overwhelming, especially when a patient's policy requires high premiums and deductibles. Recently, the owner of one drug treatment facility was charged with white collar crimes that include fraudulently setting up insurance policies for his patients.

Netflix executive charged with white collar crimes

A California man is currently facing an uncertain future in the wake of federal charges that he accepted kickbacks in the course of his duties. Charges of white collar crimes can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of many different areas. In this situation, the charges involve mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering. Conviction for such serious charges can result in life-changing consequences.

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