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2 men facing possible enhanced sentencing for white collar crimes

When dealing with a criminal situation, the details of each case will play an important part in the charges filed, the available defense options and numerous other aspects of the proceedings. If individuals are charged with white collar crimes, they often stand accused of fraudulently obtaining substantial amounts of money. In such cases, parties may have a long road ahead as they attempt to defend against the charges.

Man pleads guilty to role in bank, tax fraud scheme

It is not unusual for individuals to have various ways in which they could handle criminal charges. The manner in which they choose to approach their defense could depend on a number of factors associated with their cases. For instance, some parties may feel that it is in their better interests to enter a guilty plea when accused of fraud, especially if a plea bargain is available.

What constitutes white collar crime in California?

Facing accusations of a crime is a stressful prospect. If you find yourself in this situation, you could help alleviate at least some of that stress by gaining an understanding of what you face. For instance, you may know that you face allegations of a white collar crime, but you need more information about what that means here in California.

Little League treasurer facing embezzlement charge

When individuals begin to have concerns about where money for an organization or company is going, suspicions could quickly come against those in charge of handling funds. In some cases, those suspicions may become so great that an investigation begins to determine whether funds have been inappropriately used. Unfortunately, some parties could end up accused of embezzlement if evidence stacks up against them.

2 California women charged with white collar crimes

When authorities suspect that crimes have been committed, it is possible for charges to come at the state and federal level. White collar crimes are often federal crimes, and as a result, anyone charged with such a crime could face a serious legal predicament. Federal charges commonly come with more severe consequences in the event of a conviction, so accused parties will certainly want to exercise their various legal rights as their cases proceed.

Car insurance claim leads to charges for white collar crimes

Many people struggle with financial-related issues. As a result, they often explore many ways in which they could potentially obtain money quickly. Unfortunately, some parties may wind up accused of white collar crimes if the options they utilize involve some type of fraudulent actions.

Embezzlement and white collar crimes lead to serious consequences

Not all crime involves violence or the attempt of causing physical harm to another person. White collar crimes are serious criminal accusations that lead to detrimental, life-altering consequences, and this includes the crime of embezzlement. Recently in California, a treasurer for a business organization was charged with various financial crimes, including embezzling funds.

White collar crimes: California woman accused of embezzlement

Any type of criminal accusation can leave a person reeling. Individuals may believe that life is going well and that they are on the right track only to be blindsided by accusations of white collar crimes. From fraud to embezzlement and many other actions in between, charges for such crimes can come with steep penalties if convictions occur.

January arrest prompted by suspicion of white collar crimes

In California and across the country, many people consider themselves beer connoisseurs. In fact, an organization in another state was formed so that members could promote local beers and exchange knowledge and opinions with one another. A former director of that organization was arrested in January and is being charged with white collar crimes regarding alleged illicit use of the organization's funds.

Mules become targets for investigators of white collar crimes

It seems that not only is the number of fraud victims growing in California and beyond, but investigators are building cases that are more sophisticated, elaborate and often involve many more people. The use of technology to contact unsuspecting victims includes stealing their identity or hacking their contacts to fool them into thinking they are receiving correspondence from someone they know. In this way, the victims become part of white collar crimes and may even become suspects in FBI investigations.

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