Busta Rhymes faces complex civil litigation

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California concert and festival promoters have many details to attend to, especially if they have a popular act headlining the event. In addition to ensuring logistics run smoothly and that the talent is satisfied, promoters place their reputations and their jobs on the line. When everything goes well, everyone makes a profit. However, one thing concert promoters may not expect is for the host and star of the event to cancel at the last minute, often resulting in complex civil litigation.

Busta Rhymes, who gained popularity in the world of hip-hop over the last three decades, agreed to host an event in another state. He signed a contract that outlined the songs he would perform, and the promotion company paid him an advance of $17,000. The rapper used his social media accounts to promote the event, which was to be held on a Saturday in April.

Two weeks prior to the event, Busta Rhymes informed the promoter that he was backing out of the contract because he was due in court the day of the show on a warrant related to child support. The promoters realized court is not typically in session on Saturdays, and they learned later than the rapper was apparently double-booked for that date and actually performed at a nightclub in Arizona the night he was supposed to be hosting the contracted event. The promotion company estimates Busta Rhymes cost them over $2 million, and they are seeking that amount in a lawsuit.

Promoters rely on all parties upholding the terms of a contract. When those in California deal with performers, vendors or others who breach their contracts, they have the right to seek damages, which can often be substantial. An attorney with experience and skill in complex civil litigation can offer aggressive representation to those who suffer financial losses.

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