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Facing RICO charges?

A quick Google search will bring up many stories in the news of people being arrested and charged with racketeering. Racketeering is, by its most basic definition, running an organized illegal business or embezzling money through a legitimate company. The Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations Act was passed in 1978 to fight this type of organized crime. The consequences California residents could face if convicted on RICO charges can be severe.

Defending yourself from bribery allegations

Bribery is a type of corruption, and it can be exercised in business, governmental or political sectors. In many situations, it can be charged as a serious crime. If you have been accused of bribery in California, it is important that you first gain a good understanding of the elements of the crime. From there, you will be able to apply this knowledge to your situation and go about building a defense.

Man pleads guilty to role in bank, tax fraud scheme

It is not unusual for individuals to have various ways in which they could handle criminal charges. The manner in which they choose to approach their defense could depend on a number of factors associated with their cases. For instance, some parties may feel that it is in their better interests to enter a guilty plea when accused of fraud, especially if a plea bargain is available.

Guilty plea in bribery scheme at California military base

Those facing criminal charges likely have a great deal of questions about their options and how their cases will proceed. While some people may choose to fight certain allegations in court, others may opt to accept a plea deal. For example, a former contractor at a Navy base in California has recently pleaded guilty following allegations that he was involved in a bribery scheme.

The thin line between fraud and bribery

According to the U.S. News & World Report, the 51st person was charged in the college admissions scheme on June 28. Jefferey Bizzack pleaded guilty to paying $250,000 so his son could attend the University of Southern California as a volleyball recruit.

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