Representing The Best Interests Of Businesses In Complex Civil Litigation

The Kaufman Law Group routinely represents business owners, entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Los Angeles and surrounding areas in California in complex civil litigation. When intricate, financially crucial disputes threaten a business’s reputation and bottom line, the firm’s lawyers develop and execute the aggressive litigation strategies necessary to resolve matters quickly and effectively.

Highly Experienced In Litigation, Arbitration And Mediation

The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience resolving complex disputes involving partners, multiple parties, investors, shareholders, event promoters and more. They seek common-sense resolutions that keep the big picture in mind. Lead attorney Gary Jay Kaufman brings considerable negotiation experience, and his courtroom success speaks volumes to his character, tenacity and dedication to achieving his clients’ goals.

Results Speak For Themselves. Mr. Kaufman is an accomplished trial litigator, arbitrator and mediator with hundreds of civil dispute resolutions accredited to his name. His skill inside and outside the courtroom has resulted in the resolution of countless multimillion-dollar cases over the past 30 years.

Experience With Civil And Criminal Litigation

Civil litigation often crosses into criminal law. Mr. Kaufman and the firm have been profiled numerous times by news and media outlets for our successful handling of high-profile civil litigation cases, including Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, et al. v. Insomniac Inc., et al.

Effective, Experienced And Trustworthy Counsel

When millions of dollars and a business or individual’s reputation hang in the balance, it pays to research a lawyer. The best counsel will have the extensive experience and track record of success that instill confidence and trust immediately.

The firm can be reached online or by phone: 310-504-3079.

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