Presenting Strong Defense Against Mail And Wire Fraud Charges

Even though sending and receiving mail, email and other forms of digital media are simply part of doing business for business owners and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, law enforcement may mistakenly see a scheme to mislead or defraud other individuals, investors or corporations in California, across state lines or in other countries.

When business owners in California find themselves at the receiving end of a multicount indictment on mail and wire fraud charges, they do their research. They find attorneys with extensive experience who understand what is at stake, how to protect their rights and how to aggressively defend against the allegations at hand. They turn to The Kaufman Law Group.

We Know What Is At Stake And How To Defend You

Nationally recognized trial lawyer Gary Jay Kaufman is no stranger to the complexity of mail and wire fraud cases or the serious penalties often associated with them. For more than 30 years, Mr. Kaufman has aggressively and successfully defended numerous clients facing multicount federal indictments in California as well as other states.

Results Speak For Themselves. Mr. Kaufman represented a client facing a federal indictment on multiple charges of mail and wire fraud and conspiracy in the Northern District of New York.

At The Kaufman Law Group, we use our decades of experience to develop aggressive defense strategies that protect our clients’ best interests, rights and freedom. We always come prepared for trial and have successfully litigated hundreds of cases in state and federal court.

Our Experience And Skill Get Results

As is the case with all white collar crimes charges, defendants need to do their research before hiring a lawyer. Not all defense attorneys can handle the complexity of these types of cases nor are they equipped to present a strong defense that will stand up to the scrutiny of a federal judge.

At The Kaufman Law Group, results speak for themselves. We can be contacted online or by phone: 310-286-2202.