Resolving Partnership Disputes Efficiently And Effectively

At The Kaufman Law Group, we represent the best interests of business owners throughout Los Angeles and California who are in partnership disputes with partners, shareholders, investors and other businesses. We understand our clients’ need to resolve matters quickly, so we focus on effective, efficient resolution.

Resolution Through Mediation, Arbitration And Litigation

Attorney Gary Jay Kaufman has seen it all during his more than 30-year career as a trial lawyer. His experience as a judge pro tem, mediator and successful trial lawyer mean he can use many methods of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration and litigation. Regardless the method, Mr. Kaufman is always prepared to take matters to court, using his skill, experience and acumen.

Results Speak For Themselves. We have handled hundreds of complex civil litigation matters, including several multimillion-dollar cases. See Legends Burgers, Inc. v. Avaton Restaurants, Inc. and Blatt, et al. v. NOHO, Inc., et al. Representative cases.

The Threat Of Criminal Charges

When allegations of fraud and misrepresentation arise in the course of a partnership dispute, business owners in Los Angeles and surrounding areas turn to our firm. Mr. Kaufman is an accomplished criminal defense attorney, with numerous successful outcomes to his name.

We See The Big Picture

Partnership disputes do not just threaten the integrity of a business; they can threaten its bottom line as well. To remain industry leaders, business owners need our lawyers to see the big picture and seek common-sense solutions. We explore all options and help our clients achieve their goals and safeguard their best interests.

The Kaufman Law Group can be reached online or by phone: 310-504-3079.

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