Aggressive Advocacy In White Collar Crimes Cases

Due to the complex nature of white collar crimes cases and the damage they can cause to a defendant’s life and reputation, our clients trust us to develop aggressive litigation strategies that seek favorable results in an efficient and effective manner.

Founding attorney Gary Jay Kaufman is a nationally recognized trial lawyer, well-known for his track record of success in the area of criminal law. His decades of trial experience, combined with his work as a judge pro tem and mediator, has allowed him to achieve favorable results in a wide variety of white collar crimes cases, including:

  • Bribery, embezzlement and conspiracy — In Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, et al. v. Insomniac, Inc., et al., we achieved dismissal of substantive embezzlement counts against Pasquale Rotella, CEO of Insomniac, Inc., and prevailed on motion to dissolve radical pretrial restitution bond, securing 100 percent return of all funds.
  • Public corruption — In a case involving money laundering, tax fraud and public corruption charges, we successfully defended our clients which resulted in no criminal charges being filed.
  • Mail fraud and wire fraud — We successfully represented a client who was facing federal indictment on multiple mail fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy charges in the Northern District of New York.
  • Medi-Cal fraud — We achieved complete dismissal of felony charges in wide-ranging prosecution for Medi-Cal fraud.
  • Criminal tax conspiracy — We successfully appealed and reversed a magistrate judge’s order setting defendants’ bail at $1 million.

We are also capable of defending clients against a range of other state and federal charges, including pharmaceutical fraud claims.

Trustworthy, Experienced Counsel

White collar crimes can be incredibly damaging and should be handled with care and skill. Located in Los Angeles, California, The Kaufman Law Group defends individuals facing these serious criminal charges. We can be reached online or by phone: 310-286-2202.