Strong Defense Against Pharmaceutical Fraud Allegations

When Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance providers suspect pharmaceutical fraud has occurred, it is often doctors, medical professional and pharmaceutical companies who find themselves at the receiving end of serious criminal allegations and potentially damaging civil actions.

Anyone facing pharmaceutical fraud allegations deserves to have their rights and reputation protected to the fullest extent. Only an attorney with extensive experience handling criminal and civil litigation matters, however, can ensure this happens.

We Know The Penalties And Consequences

One of the many challenges facing doctors, health care professionals and pharmaceutical companies is civil liability. The U.S. government often offers whistleblowers financial incentives to file fraud claims, which can lead to lengthy and costly litigation, large settlements and irreparable damage to an individual or corporation’s reputation.

Additionally, defendants may also face serious, multi-count indictments for felony offenses that carry the penalty of decades in prison, steep fines and further damage to a defendant’s reputation upon conviction.

We Have Experience And Tenacity

Lead attorney Gary Jay Kaufman is a seasoned trial lawyer, well-known throughout the Los Angeles area for his track record of success handling complex pharmaceutical cases, including R&O Pharmacy, LLC v. Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC. His dedication to defending his clients, experience and preparedness in the courtroom, tenacity and complete knowledge of criminal and civil law ensures his clients have the strong representation they need to secure favorable outcomes in both civil and criminal matters.

Responding Quickly And Aggressively

At The Kaufman Law Group, we seek common-sense solutions that meet our clients’ goals and best interests. Located in Los Angeles, California, our office can be reached by email or phone: 310-286-2202.