Aggressive Representation For Event Promoters In California

Event promoters take on considerable financial and legal risks whenever they agree to host a concert, music festival or other related event. In order to protect their rights, bottom line and freedom, event promoters in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California turn to The Kaufman Law Group, where a history of trial successes and presence in the news has made us a well-known name in the entertainment industry.

Seeking Restitution Through Civil Litigation

Event promoters rely on performers, event coordinators and venue representatives to uphold their end of a contract to avoid considerable financial risk from lost ticket sales, breach of contract or failure to follow through on a financial obligation.

At The Kaufman Law Group, we see the big picture and know the risks, which is why we use aggressive litigation strategies to seek efficient, effective resolutions that achieve our clients’ goals.

Results Speak For Themselves. Lead trial lawyer Gary Jay Kaufman is well-known for his successful representation of the prominent electronic dance music festival promoter, Insomniac, Inc., in the highly publicized case Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission, et al. v. Insomniac, Inc., et al. His acumen and skill in the courtroom resulted in the award of nearly $400,000 in attorneys’ fees to his client — the full amount that had been requested in the motion.

Defense In Criminal Cases

In addition to resolving complex civil litigation, Mr. Kaufman is also equipped to handle criminal matters in the event a promoter is accused of fraud, misrepresentation or other serious criminal offenses.

As the highly publicized case of People v. DeStefano, et al., involving Insomniac, Inc., CEO Pasquale Rotella illustrates, Mr. Kaufman fights to protect the rights of his clients. Perfectly comfortable in the courtroom, Mr. Kaufman always comes prepared for trial with a strong legal strategy that seeks the most favorable outcome for his client.

Effective Representation. Experienced Counsel.

The Kaufman Law Group has more than 30 years of experience defending the rights of individuals and businesses, including event promoters, who are facing complex civil and criminal matters because of a concert, music festival or other event. Located in Los Angeles, The Kaufman Law Group can be reached by email or phone: 310-286-2202.