Fighting Back Against Public Corruption Charges

At The Kaufman Law Group, we understand the full scope of public corruption charges and the impact they can have on a person’s life or an organization’s reputation. We have more than 30 years of experience developing strong defense strategies that look at the big picture and seek the most favorable outcomes for our high-profile clients.

Founding attorney Gary Jay Kaufman is a skilled trial lawyer who has handled hundreds of trials. He has successfully defended multiple defendants under state and federal investigation for public corruption as well as myriad other federal white collar crimes.

Results Speak For Themselves. In a previous case involving potential public corruption charges, we successfully defended our clients. No criminal charges were filed.

Multicount Indictments Are Possible

Individuals and organizations facing public corruption charges may also be charged with other offenses, including mail and wire fraud, racketeering (RICO) and bribery. We understand the complexity of multicount indictments. We have extensive experience defending clients in these cases, and we have successfully secured favorable results that have included charges not being filed.

The Skill And Reputation To Defend You

The courtroom successes and media attention we have received while handling high-profile public corruption cases has made The Kaufman Law Group a law firm that public figures and government officials in California know they can rely on.

Located in Los Angeles, we can be reached online or by phone: 310-504-3079.

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