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Bribery: What a California court must prove to convict you

Bribery constitutes a serious offense in California, and the punishments assigned to you by the court could prove detrimental both to your career and your livelihood. Those that request bribes or take bribes both commit offenses if used by or against an official individual. Because government and political employees hold themselves close to the law, bribes can ruin relationships with citizens and voters.

Mattress Firm faces complex civil litigation

In California and beyond, getting a good night's sleep is important. However, some former executives of Mattress Firm may not be sleeping very well lately. The company has filed a lawsuit against two men now under investigation for numerous claims of misconduct that left Mattress Firm floundering to remain solvent. The complex civil litigation involves lawsuits and countersuits as the parties point fingers at each other.

Entrepreneur faces accusations of white collar crimes

When someone is accused of a felony offense, especially one involving finances, it is possible the criminal counts will quickly begin to accumulate as investigators dig into the person's history. For example, charges of embezzlement can often go hand in hand with other white collar crimes, and the potential penalties can begin to mount. One California businessman is facing numerous charges related to several businesses in which he was an executive.

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