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Los Angeles deputies under investigation for public corruption

California has its share of illegal activity, and law enforcement works hard to protect and serve the citizens of its cities. As in many big metropolitan areas, the police in Los Angeles County seem to be under a more scrupulous eye as accusations of abuse and public corruption bring nationwide attention to law enforcement agencies. Recent reports of suspected gang activity within the county police department have raised concerns with officials as well as the public.

CEO charged with money laundering, other white collar crimes

Business dealings can often get very complicated, and sometimes it is necessary to shift funds around in legal but unorthodox ways, especially if the company is relatively new. Zealous criminal investigators, alerted by suspicious insiders, may see transfers of money from one account to another as suspicious. This may lead to accusations of white collar crimes. Because such accusations and the events that often follow can cause great personal and professional damage to those involved, those who face charges of money laundering would do well to seek legal counsel.

Complex civil litigation when performers back out of contracts

Concert and event promoters carry a significant amount of responsibility. In addition to lining up acts for their events, the promoters must advertise the events and ensure everything is in place on the date of the show. When things go wrong, it is often the promoter who bears the brunt of the blame. This is why California event promoters may end up in complex civil litigation since so many people depend on the smooth running of an event.

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