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Congressman faces charges of public corruption

Part of a politician's job is earning the trust of the constituents. This is often a challenge, especially when working against the tactics of the opponent and the zeal of the press. During an election, it seems as if every moment of a politician's life is under a microscope. That is not always bad since citizens who contribute to political campaigns have a right to know how their candidates are spending the money. Otherwise, there may be investigations into public corruption.

Civil litigation is an option for breach of partnership contract

In California and across the country, business partnerships are often compared to marriages. They include many similar characteristics in the way partners run the business together, and they may end in civil litigation if the partners are no longer able to get along. Just as one marital partner's actions can cause broken trust between spouses, so too can the actions of a business partner breach the verbal or written agreement the partners share.

Fraud accusations: Can you trust your company's lawyer?

If your company is under investigation for fraud and they have a lawyer on staff, take a step back before sharing any information with them. While a company lawyer could be working to assist you, their primary responsibility is to protect the interests of the company with which they're in contract with.

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