Entrepreneur faces accusations of white collar crimes

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When someone is accused of a felony offense, especially one involving finances, it is possible the criminal counts will quickly begin to accumulate as investigators dig into the person’s history. For example, charges of embezzlement can often go hand in hand with other white collar crimes, and the potential penalties can begin to mount. One California businessman is facing numerous charges related to several businesses in which he was an executive.

Following up on a complaint from a ready-to-hang wall art company, police began an investigation into the company’s former executive vice president of licensing. The investigation led to accusations that the man embezzled over $2 million from the company, supposedly laundered almost $2 million and evaded tax obligations during the four years of his employment. The inquiry took place between June and August, and police arrested the man last week.

While the investigation was underway, a complaint was filed with California Department of Consumer Affairs against the business the accused man had purchased after leaving the art company. The complaint alleged that the business, a culinary school specializing in vegan fare, had no state approval to be running an educational institution. Hundreds of students may be affected by the school’s sudden closing because of the complaint.

The man now faces 35 felony charges with the potential for decades in prison if convicted. Regardless of the number and severity of charges, he and anyone facing allegations of white collar crimes has the right to legal counsel. An aggressive criminal defense includes a careful examination of the evidence, the investigative tactics and any mitigating circumstances.

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