Reality TV boxer risks complex civil litigation for quitting

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Whether one is planning a wedding on a California beach or a multi-nation tour, the person in charge of the event must foresee any contingencies and meet the expectations and demands of all involved. However, an event promoter also relies on other parties to fulfill their sides of the agreements. When that does not happen, it may take complex civil litigation to resolve the matter fairly.

Promoter Damon Feldman, known for organizing celebrity boxing matches for charity, was only weeks away from a match involving “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham and “Flavor of Love” winner Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander when Abraham threatened to pull out of the match. The event was scheduled to raise awareness for anti-bullying causes. Abraham had been posting pictures on social media of her training.

Nevertheless, the reality TV star claims the promoter was not meeting her demands or fulfilling the terms of the contract, including providing rooms for her friends and family, hiring a private security team for Abraham, and paying the money she demanded. The promoter disagrees with the accusations, and says he has proof that he has already paid half Abraham’s fee and purchased first class plane tickets for her family, as the contract stipulates. He states he does not understand why Abraham waited until this point to complain instead of contacting him during the press tour and feels this may be a poor attempt at a publicity stunt.

The promoter stands to lose a substantial amount of money if the match is cancelled because of Abraham’s departure. He has stated that he intends to seek compensation through what may be a complex civil litigation if Abraham goes through with her threats to pull out. California promoters who, like Feldman, trust in their participants for the success of an event have the right to seek legal counsel for assistance when a participant breaks the contract.

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