January arrest prompted by suspicion of white collar crimes

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In California and across the country, many people consider themselves beer connoisseurs. In fact, an organization in another state was formed so that members could promote local beers and exchange knowledge and opinions with one another. A former director of that organization was arrested in January and is being charged with white collar crimes regarding alleged illicit use of the organization’s funds.

The woman is accused of using a credit card in the organization’s name without permission. Prosecutors claim she illegally made $500 worth of purchases with the card. The 42-year-old is charged with embezzlement and credit card fraud.

Arrest records state that the supposed criminal activity did not happen all at once but was carried out over an approximate period of two years. As most California residents facing similar criminal charges might do, the woman in this case hired an attorney to help her build a strong defense. She declined comment to reporters just after her arrest but did say that her attorney plans to make a public statement regarding the situation in the near future. 

Being formally charged with white collar crimes in California or anywhere can seriously damage a person’s personal and professional reputation. American jurisprudence presumes innocence, however, meaning criminal charges in and of themselves do not constitute guilt. Any man or woman charged with a crime is guaranteed the opportunity to fight those charges in court; in fact, an experienced defense attorney is sometimes able to convince the court to dismiss a case before it ever goes to trial.

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