Assistant DA caught up in brother’s bribery case

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Many people in Los Angeles may view bribery cases as being rather simple matters; either the person accused of the offense accepted compensation in exchange for favors or preferential treatment, or they did not. Yet as is the case with many federal criminal issues, a bribery charge can often be much more complex than that. 

One’s actions related to a bribery case may ultimately end with them being involved in it. There may even be instances where bribery charges result from a person’s associations. 

Family ties lead to federal charges 

Family associations may be what have contributed to the arrest of an assistant district attorney in Texas on federal bribery charges. The woman’s brother has already been under indictment for bribing federal immigration officials. He allegedly had paid the officials for lists of immigration detainees so that he could then contact those same detainees offering to handle their immigration cases through his law firm (the officials involved in the case have also been charged). While his sister’s total involvement in the case was not detailed, it was reported that she had supposedly been sent to meet with detainees individually and also provided false information to federal officials. If convicted, she could face up to five years in prison. Her position with the district attorney’s office has since been terminated following her arrest. 

Fighting against presumptions of guilt 

Guilt by association has always been problematic in that it may bias in investigation into one’s actions due to preconceived notions about those they are affiliated with. Thus, those facing charges apparently because of it should fight to ensure it does not impair their rights. Such a fight might be much easier to win of one has an experienced attorney in their corner. 

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