Federal corrections officer gets 15 months for bribery

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In California and across the United States, bribes are illegal. Often, people who are in a position of authority can be subject to offers that would violate the law and be categorized as bribes. This can happen in the political spectrum, in certain businesses, and in law enforcement. Some will be tempted to take a bribe for a variety of reasons. For those who might be confronted with accusations that they were involved in a bribery case, it is important to be aware of how to address the charges.

Bribery charges lead to a plea agreement

A recent case emphasizes how bribery convictions can lead to jail time and other penalties. A 52-year-old former federal corrections officer pleaded guilty to several crimes, including taking bribes. The bribes were said to total more than $15,000. Along with taking the money, he smuggled Suboxone, methamphetamine, and cellphones into the prison.

The officer was a lieutenant in an investigation unit in the prison where he was employed. The behavior took place over the course of about nine months in 2018. A woman met him in several locations to pay him. He subsequently brought in contraband and, with the help of inmates who were part of the scheme, distributed the drugs and phones to other inmates. For his crimes, the former corrections officer received a 15-month sentence. The woman also pleaded guilty for her role and received probation.

Combating bribery allegations may require experienced representation

When there are allegations of bribery, prosecutors take it very seriously, and there can be harsh penalties, including jail time.

In addition to a sentence, a bribery charge could lead to a negative perception in the community. With the conviction on their record, individuals like the federal corrections officer could face many problems in the future.

Forging a defense is key when accused of bribery. While this example resulted in the corrections officer pleading guilty and receiving a jail sentence, others who are dealing with this charge could achieve a better outcome with reduced charges or even an acquittal. Having the professional guidance of an attorney from the start can be a critical aspect of defense.

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