Prominent Californians facing theft and other charges

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Facing an accusation of a white-collar crime in California can be challenging and overwhelming. Individuals who are involved in a high-profile criminal defense case may face unique obstacles as they prepare a strategy.

Combating allegations for a white-collar crime

Having legal challenges occur in the private or public sector as a business executive may lead to allegations of theft or similar charges. In some cases, your job duties may make you responsible for the transaction of significant sums of money. Being blamed for conducting illegal activities is a serious matter. Having your work activities under investigation can put you in a vulnerable position where you might get accused of committing a white-collar crime valued at six figures or more. If you were involved in illegal activities due to urging from an employer, it’s important to include that aspect in your defense.

Promoting a large event, such as a music festival, concert or similar experience, requires the assistance of performers and other individuals. While every aspect possible is planned for when getting ready for an event, there is never a 100% chance of success. Having an event fail and not work out financially may lead to allegations of fraud, which can be devastating as an event promoter. Helping to ensure you are legally defended correctly is critical when you’re in this position.

Another white-collar crime that could lead to a lengthy jail sentence is being accused of Medicare fraud as a pharmacist or health care professional. Facing the accusations associated with this type of felony offense requires a solid strategy because there might be significant evidence against you. Securing a favorable outcome when you’re being blamed for committing fraud or another significant crime might involve a plea deal for reduced charges.

Preparing a defense

High-profile cases are under a lot of public scrutiny, so there’s a lot of pressure for prosecutors to prove their accusations. Those who are accused of committing a white-collar crime need to carefully prepare a defense to protect their rights.

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