Be careful what you say to federal investigators

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Businesses here in the Los Angeles area are subject to many federal regulations. So, it is not out of the question that the company you work for may find itself under federal investigation at some point.

Such investigations could lead to you speaking with federal investigators. Such conversations are not to be taken lightly. They could have major implications for you personally. Below are two things it can be critical to avoid in such conversations.

Making careless statements to investigators

What you say to investigators could end up being used against you. Being careless in such conversations could result in you inadvertently making incriminating statements. Such statements could lead to you being accused of criminal activity, such as white collar crimes. Authorities might then pursue criminal charges against you and try to use your statements to support their case for conviction.

Lying to investigators

If you lie to federal investigators, you could end up facing serious criminal charges even if the investigation doesn’t turn up any evidence of white collar crimes. This is because under federal law, such lying is a crime in itself.

Specifically, federal law makes it illegal to willfully and knowingly make statements that are false, fraudulent or fictitious in regard to a material matter to federal officials in things like investigations and administrative hearings.

For most charges of lying to federal officials, the maximum penalties for conviction are five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

So, what you say to federal investigators could have major consequences. Given this, when an investigation has been opened against the company you work for and you suspect you may end up speaking with investigators, coming up with plan for how to handle such conversations can be critical. Seeking out skilled legal guidance can be an important part of such preparations.

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