Accusations of public corruption seem common these days

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Public Corruption

The current political climate throughout the country, including here in California, leaves a lot of people vulnerable to unwarranted accusations. The public tends to scrutinize its leaders and authority figures, but lately, that watchful eye comes with often diametrically opposed opinions. Those who spend their lives in the service of others could also spend some of that time facing charges of public corruption.

Not surprisingly, one of the most often seen accusations revolves around money. Some government officials and public figures are said to misuse funds at their disposal. Other allegations concern using public funds to line their own coffers. These claims could also include other charges such as bribery, violations of the RICO Act or fraud. In any case, these types of claims could result in charges for theft or embezzlement.

Convictions for crimes connected with public corruption come with harsh penalties that usually involve incarceration and fines, among other things. The damage done to one’s reputation can be just as catastrophic to someone in the public eye. Receiving forgiveness from the public — whether here in California or elsewhere — does not come easy in the current political climate. Even if the accused is found not guilty, enough disparaging news coverage could already have taken its toll.

If you are facing public corruption charges, you probably already understand how precarious your position is with those you serve. Taking steps to combat these allegations should begin the moment you find out they are even a possibility. Even though the media may convict you without a trail, it is not automatic in the criminal justice system. You have rights, and you would do well to begin taking advantage of them right away.

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