Little League treasurer facing embezzlement charge

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When individuals begin to have concerns about where money for an organization or company is going, suspicions could quickly come against those in charge of handling funds. In some cases, those suspicions may become so great that an investigation begins to determine whether funds have been inappropriately used. Unfortunately, some parties could end up accused of embezzlement if evidence stacks up against them.

It was recently reported that one woman was taken into custody due to allegedly embezzling funds from a California Little League organization. The woman reportedly acted as treasurer for the organization and came under suspicion when thousands of dollars allegedly went missing. The league’s president and other officials asked the woman about the funds, but they apparently did not receive adequate answers. As a result, they contacted the authorities, and an investigation began.

The investigation went on for six months, and the woman was taken into custody in March on charges of felony embezzlement and grand theft. She allegedly embezzled over $30,000 from the league and left the organization facing $15,000 in debt. The woman was released from custody on bail, and her case is set to go to trial later this year.

Undoubtedly, this California woman will want to prepare for her case in the months before her trial begins. Taking the time to prepare early may give her an advantage when it comes to finding the best defensive strategies against the embezzlement charges and for her particular predicament overall. Understanding the details of her case and the evidence against her may prove useful as she works to build her defense presentation.

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