Embezzlement, other charges brought against Stan Lee’s ex-manager

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No one wants to find him or herself accused of a serious crime. Some actions could be viewed by others as manipulative or even illegal, and as a result, a person could face charges for embezzlement and other serious allegations. In such a predicament, it is wise to understand how to potentially defend against the criminal charges.

One man will certainly want to understand his best options after recently being charged in California. According to reports, Keya Morgan was the former business manager for comic book icon Stan Lee. Apparently, an investigation began last year into claims that Morgan was abusing Lee. Lee’s daughter stated that Morgan was isolating Lee, manipulating him and attempting to gain control over Lee’s financial affairs, which led her to file a request for a restraining order.

The elder abuse investigation reportedly resulted in charges for embezzlement, false imprisonment of an elder adult, forgery or fraud against an elder adult, theft, and elder abuse. Morgan apparently left the state after the charges were filed, but he was taken into custody and is awaiting extradition back to California. The report noted that he was being held after not meeting a $300,000 bail.

Embezzlement, false imprisonment, fraud and the other allegations this man is facing undoubtedly have him feeling on edge. He may feel as if he has no hope for coming out of this situation in a favorable manner, but fortunately, he does have the opportunity to help himself by creating and presenting a criminal defense if he wishes to do so. Utilizing California legal resources for information may prove beneficial.

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