What constitutes white collar crime in California?

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Facing accusations of a crime is a stressful prospect. If you find yourself in this situation, you could help alleviate at least some of that stress by gaining an understanding of what you face. For instance, you may know that you face allegations of a white collar crime, but you need more information about what that means here in California.

The term “white collar crime” is a general term that applies to a group of offenses. You need to know what exactly government officials accuse you of doing before you can take steps to prepare a defense strategy. If you work in public service, you could face allegations of public corruption, which includes fraud, money laundering and more. If you face other allegations of fraud, it could relate to mail fraud, medi-Cal fraud, wire fraud and more.

Other crimes that fall under the white collar crime umbrella include embezzlement, bribery and conspiracy. Before California prosecutors can secure a conviction for any of these offenses, or others under this category, they must prove all of the elements of the crime of which you face accusations. You have the right to challenge the charges, and you should.

The penalties associated with a conviction for a white collar crime can be severe. In addition to possibly facing incarceration, fines and other consequences, your personal and professional lives could be affected for many years to come. The government of California will put its legal resources to work against you, so it only makes sense to enlist the aid of an experienced legal advocate to help you eliminate or at least minimize the impact any charges could have on your freedom and your life.

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