Chamber of Commerce ex-president suspected of embezzlement

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Crimes involving money are taken very seriously. Often, such activities fall into the category of white collar crimes and can lead to steep consequences for the accused parties if they are convicted. In particular, individuals accused of embezzlement need to focus on how to fight back against the allegations.

One man in California is likely on such a path after recently becoming the subject of an investigation. According to reports, the man worked as a city’s Chamber of Commerce president and is suspected of embezzling funds from a nonprofit community foundation. The man acted as the foundation’s treasurer. It is unclear how he came under suspicion, but the foundation claims that the man has embezzled over $220,000 from the nonprofit group and distributed the funds to multiple bank accounts that he owns.

City police and federal agents executed search warrants for the man’s home and business as part of the embezzlement investigation. It was unclear whether any evidence of wrongdoing was discovered during those searches. At the time of the report, the man had not been charged, but he had been removed from the foundation’s board of directors.

Though this California man has not had formal embezzlement charges brought against him yet, it is still wise for him to begin considering his legal options. Gaining information about how to handle such allegations can help him prepare in the event that formal charges are filed. Becoming more knowledgeable on possible charges and ways to defend against them may allow him to feel somewhat in control as the investigation continues.

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