Mail fraud, other serious charges brought against 4 in California

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2019 | Mail & Wire Fraud Defense

Facing serious criminal allegations can turn anyone’s life upside down. Of course, some charges are more serious than others and could come with more severe potential consequences. Because any accused individual wants to make the best out of his or her case, finding the most viable legal options when facing mail fraud charges is important.

It was recently reported that at least four individuals have been charged in a federal district court in California with serious criminal allegations. Apparently, the individuals worked for a marketing agency and allegedly hijacked IP addresses in a spamming campaign. The parties purportedly provided false information to hosting services in order to obtain inactive IP addresses by claiming that they had the authorization to use the addresses. They then reportedly used those addresses to send out spam emails on a massive scale.

The FBI has apparently been looking into the company’s activity since 2013. The four employees charged in this particular case are suspected to have conspired to identify inactive IP addresses. Now, they face charges for wire fraud, mail fraud, criminal forfeiture, and aiding and abetting.

The mail fraud and other allegations that these individuals face put them in a precarious position. They undoubtedly hope that their cases will be handled in ways that allow them to work toward favorable outcomes, and in efforts to help themselves, they may want to look into their available defense options. It is also wise for individuals in California charged with such crimes to remember that obtaining legal support is typically a smart step to take.

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