Embezzlement charges for men accused of taking product from work

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White collar crimes, such as embezzlement, can take many forms. When a person is facing allegations of this specific criminal charge, it can potentially result in serious penalties and time behind bars. Often, embezzlement involves the improper handling of money, but it can sometimes involve the theft of company property as well. Two men in California are facing criminal charges that claim they embezzled cheese products from their employer.

The two were arrested and formally charged with taking $50,000 of product from their company, the Leprino Foods Plant in Lemoore. For a period of two years, they supposedly took cheese from work. Over time, the dollar amount of the missing inventory added up, and the men were supposedly making a profit by selling the items they had taken. They were supposedly selling in flea markets, over social media and going from door to door, but specific evidence of their wrongdoing was not mentioned.

It is not clear what brought the men to the attention of local law enforcement or what evidence was provided to necessitate an arrest. When the men were arrested, law enforcement reports finding and recovering a significant amount of cheese product. According to California law enforcement, there are several more people involved in this scheme, and they are trying to locate the rest of them at this time.

Embezzlement is a serious criminal charge, even if it only involves cheese. Taking things from an employer is against the law, and it is in the interests of these two men to take their cases seriously. They have not been convicted of anything, and they are innocent in the eyes of the law unless and until proven guilty. They have likely already reached out for help regarding the defense options available to them and how they can protect their legal interests. 

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