What are types of pharmaceutical fraud?

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In California, there are different types of schemes used to enact pharmaceutical fraud. Each one works in a different way. Each one is for the same purpose, which is defrauding insurance companies. Today we will take a look at some types of fraud in the pharmaceutical industry.

The intention of fraud in pharmacy is to fudge numbers to gain financial wealth for the pharmacy itself. These activities result in the submission of false or incorrect claims to programs like Medicare or insurers. Some examples of fraud schemes include:

  • Off Label Marketing
  • Best Price Fraud
  • Good Manufacturing Practice Violations
  • Medicaid Price Reporting
  • CME Fraud
  • Manufactured Compound Drugs

Off label marketing does not allow pharmacies to market or brand drugs for off-label uses. For example, some medicines for ADHD may also help migraine suffers. But you cannot promote it as migraine medication on an official level. GMP violations involve any violation in GMP regulations. This includes having adequately trained personnel and well-equipped manufacturing facilities.

Medicaid price reporting is misrepresenting material facts about the status of brand name drugs. This includes the price, AMP and more. Best price fraud involves the falsification of best price reports. This is a culmination of information reported quarterly. Finally, you can only make compound medication if it is not commercially available.

If you are facing accusations of pharmaceutical fraud, take a look at our link here. It will take you to our web page on the same topic. There, you can learn more about the legal options that are available to you. You may find it important to act sooner rather than later, as your medical license is on the line.

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