How serious is credit card fraud?

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Credit card fraud is one of the most common white-collar crimes in California. If someone gets a hold of your credit card number, they could rack up thousands of dollars in charges before you realize that the theft has taken place. You could report the incident to the police, but the type of punishment that the perpetrator will face depends on a number of factors.

What are the impacts of credit card fraud charges?

Credit card is a serious white-collar crime. However, the actual charges can be different for every case. Each state has different laws regarding fraud with some states offering more serious charges for the same crime.

The nature of the crime can also influence the severity of the charges. An individual might be facing more serious charges if they used a device to commit fraud, like a credit card skimmer. The number of people that they scammed and the amount of money that they stole could also affect the severity of the charges. For a single offense, they might receive a fine and jail time. If they’re dealing with felony charges, they might be facing time in federal prison.

Additionally, the individual might face more serious charges if they targeted elderly people. Their charges might also be upgraded if they have additional convictions on their record. An individual could even face charges if they accidentally misused someone’s credit card information although the charges will probably be less serious.

What should you do if you’re charged with credit card fraud?

Just being accused of a white-collar crime can be detrimental to your career and reputation even if you’re not convicted. It’s important to find legal representation and clear your name as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney may assist you with your case and help you fight the charges.

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