Types of mail fraud

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Mail fraud is defined as any fraudulent activity that uses the mail to defraud others. This could be through traditional mail, by phone, or online. There are many different types of mail fraud that California citizens may be charged with.

Financial fraud

One of the most common types of mail and wire fraud has to do with finances. Scammers will send out deceptive information regarding an unbeatable offer. Some common examples include offering a new credit card without a credit check or getting an advance on a loan.

Telemarketer fraud

To get customers to call them, telemarketers will send out postcards and letters. These pieces of mail prompt recipients to call toll-free numbers where they wind up talking with a telemarketer. The telemarketer uses high-pressure sales tactics to trick the recipient into presenting their personal information.

Sweepstakes and lottery fraud

Another common type of mail fraud is referred to as lottery or sweepstakes fraud. In this type of fraud scenario, a recipient receives a letter stating that they won a prize. The letter typically states that they must act quickly or that they must send money to collect their prize.

Employment fraud

Employment fraud is a common type of mail fraud that encompasses a large spectrum of different types of employment scams. These include pyramid schemes, phony job offers and check-cashing schemes. In all scenarios, they request personal information from the recipient.

Mail fraud happens every day throughout the United States, and there are several types. If you’ve recently been charged with committing fraud, it’s best to seek help from an attorney who can assist in defending you against the allegations.

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