Man claims politics is behind public corruption charges

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For those who have the public’s trust, a solid reputation is essential. Public support and confidence is required for those holding a public office, managing an organization’s finances or making decisions that affect many people. Accusations of public corruption can quickly bring suspicion upon the actions of a trusted office holder. It is not uncommon for someone to face such accusations when an opponent seeks a political advantage.

Casting suspicion on a political opponent is not difficult, and one California man believes that this was the motivation behind the recent accusations against him. The business manager of a local high school faces allegations of misusing his position for personal gain based after an unknown informant reported to the school superintendent that the man had opened a bank account for the school in another state without proper approval from the school board. The man’s wife is a candidate in the upcoming school board election.

The manager admits he opened the account, but he explained to the media that he did so to invest in a CD that would earn higher returns for the school district. He also contends that he opened the account more than 13 years ago, reported it to the board and never hid the entries from the monthly check register, which was audited annually for over a dozen years. No one raised questions about the ethics of the account until the manager’s wife decided to run for a position on the school board.

In the midst of the accusations, the manager insists he never diverted money for his own use. Now, instead of taking his retirement as he planned, the man ends his tenure on administrative leave and under a cloud of suspicion. Like this man, anyone in California who faces charges of public corruption has a right to legal counsel. An attorney can construct a solid defense, questioning all evidence the opposition presents against the accused.

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