Embezzlement and white collar crimes lead to serious consequences

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

Not all crime involves violence or the attempt of causing physical harm to another person. White collar crimes are serious criminal accusations that lead to detrimental, life-altering consequences, and this includes the crime of embezzlement. Recently in California, a treasurer for a business organization was charged with various financial crimes, including embezzling funds.

The accused served as the treasurer for the International Association of Machinists Local Lodge 2947. He handled all of the funds for the group, and he is accused of taking funds from the group amounting to almost $51,000. He is also facing charges of identity theft. These charges stem from the allegation that he forged the name of the group’s president to take money.

He served with this group for a short amount of time while he was employed by the Lemoore Naval Air Station. During his time of service with the machinists group, he is accused of writing approximately 70 checks without the proper authorization from the group, as well as making numerous cash withdrawals from the organization’s bank account from ATMs. He was indicted by a California grand jury of both embezzlement and identity theft.

This individual has the right to a defense and to confront the charges brought against him. In cases involving white collar crimes, it is beneficial to work with an attorney specifically experienced in complex financial cases, including embezzlement. When facing any type of criminal charge or when under investigation for alleged unlawful activity, a person will find it beneficial to seek an understanding of his or her defense options. 

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