White collar crimes: California woman accused of embezzlement

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Any type of criminal accusation can leave a person reeling. Individuals may believe that life is going well and that they are on the right track only to be blindsided by accusations of white collar crimes. From fraud to embezzlement and many other actions in between, charges for such crimes can come with steep penalties if convictions occur.

It was recently reported that one woman in California turned herself in to authorities in relation to an embezzlement investigation. Apparently, the management team at the bank where the woman worked found unspecified evidence that pointed to internal embezzlement. The management team gave that information to the police, and authorities began to conduct an investigation. The fraudulent transactions had purportedly been taking place since 2017.

The investigation led to a warrant for the woman’s arrest, but details were not given in the report as to why authorities suspected that the woman was involved. Recently, the woman turned herself over to the police, and she was taken into custody on charges relating to the embezzlement of at least $114,000. It was reported that the bank had been able to obtain approximately $30,000 of the missing funds.

White collar crimes are serious and can be complex to address. The woman accused in this California case will undoubtedly want to ensure that she understands the allegations brought against her as well as her possible defense options. Individuals facing similar accusations of embezzlement or other fraud may want to discuss their specific cases with experienced defense attorneys to gain more information on how to handle their cases in meaningful ways.

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