Public corruption charges for college parents include tax fraud

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2019 | Public Corruption

The national scandal involving admissions into Ivy League universities and other elite institutions, including the University of Southern California and UCLA, has many parents concerned about how far the investigations will go. Some parents allegedly involved in bribery and fraud to obtain admissions for their children into top-notch schools have pleaded guilty and await sentencing. Others know it may only be a matter of time before investigators link them to the claims of public corruption.

Some parents charged with involvement in the nationwide scheme are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to ensure their children got into prestigious schools. In some cases, the evidence suggests parents committed fraud by paying to have someone else take the SATs for their children. Investigators say the parents made their payments in the guise of donations to a fake charity.

It is this step in the process that has the IRS involved. By donating to an alleged charity, the parents could then deduct the payments from their taxes. Some of the parents supposedly used money from their family foundations, which are already tax-exempt. While no new charges have yet been filed, it is possible that parents involved in this scheme may face additional charges of tax fraud.

Parents understandably want the best for their children. However, those who face criminal charges related to fraudulent college admissions may find themselves caught up in a wide-reaching scheme. Having the assistance of a California attorney who is skilled in the defense of tax fraud and other areas of public corruption can improve the chances for achieving a positive outcome.

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