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Former Internal Services official accused of public corruption

Public officials are often placed under a great deal of scrutiny. When a public figure is accused of using his or her position for personal benefit, the outcome can be catastrophic. Besides the possibility of a criminal conviction, the official's career and reputation are also on the line. Charges of public corruption require a thorough defense. This is likely the case for one former county official here in California, who recently pleaded guilty to multiple charges related to public corruption.

When do client dinners and personal gifts cross the line?

Marketers have long made good use of business lunches and gifts to prospective clients. As the pharmaceutical industry has shown, these strategies can bring powerful results. However, the recent conviction of a pharma boss reminds us there's also a point at which these strategies can cross the line and become illegal.

Public corruption charges for college parents include tax fraud

The national scandal involving admissions into Ivy League universities and other elite institutions, including the University of Southern California and UCLA, has many parents concerned about how far the investigations will go. Some parents allegedly involved in bribery and fraud to obtain admissions for their children into top-notch schools have pleaded guilty and await sentencing. Others know it may only be a matter of time before investigators link them to the claims of public corruption.

Accusations of public corruption seem common these days

The current political climate throughout the country, including here in California, leaves a lot of people vulnerable to unwarranted accusations. The public tends to scrutinize its leaders and authority figures, but lately, that watchful eye comes with often diametrically opposed opinions. Those who spend their lives in the service of others could also spend some of that time facing charges of public corruption.

Liquor official faces prison for public corruption

Public officials conduct inspections to ensure industries governed by California or federal laws are in compliance with those laws. Often, adherence to the regulations is a matter of public safety, and the oversight is an important factor in maintaining that level of safety. Unfortunately, some officials responsible for such oversight abuse their authority for their own gain. A conviction for some forms of public corruption may lead to a long prison term.

Man claims politics is behind public corruption charges

For those who have the public's trust, a solid reputation is essential. Public support and confidence is required for those holding a public office, managing an organization's finances or making decisions that affect many people. Accusations of public corruption can quickly bring suspicion upon the actions of a trusted office holder. It is not uncommon for someone to face such accusations when an opponent seeks a political advantage.

Congressman faces charges of public corruption

Part of a politician's job is earning the trust of the constituents. This is often a challenge, especially when working against the tactics of the opponent and the zeal of the press. During an election, it seems as if every moment of a politician's life is under a microscope. That is not always bad since citizens who contribute to political campaigns have a right to know how their candidates are spending the money. Otherwise, there may be investigations into public corruption.

Los Angeles deputies under investigation for public corruption

California has its share of illegal activity, and law enforcement works hard to protect and serve the citizens of its cities. As in many big metropolitan areas, the police in Los Angeles County seem to be under a more scrupulous eye as accusations of abuse and public corruption bring nationwide attention to law enforcement agencies. Recent reports of suspected gang activity within the county police department have raised concerns with officials as well as the public.

School directors accused of public corruption for misusing funds

Whether it is tax money, investments or donations, if an official or agency is entrusted with funds, the public is depending on the safe and reasonable management of those funds. When someone has responsibility for managing public money but is accused of using it for personal reasons, he or she may face charges of public corruption. However, sometimes, there are misunderstandings about the purpose and rules regarding the use of public funds.

After 4 years, Orange County's anti-corruption force collapses

Ferreting out public corruption is a noble goal, though public officials know that it can sometimes lead to a career-ending witch hunt. Sometimes, it can also lead to bureaucratic in-fighting that fails to accomplish anything. This is what appears to have happened with a task force that Orange County created to fight local corruption.

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